About us

Italian Lakes Tours was  the idea of 3 young guys loving the wonderful panoramas offered to tourists by the lakes of Northern Italy.

Initially created within a touristic activity dedicated to foreign tourists with offer of tours and touristic package, now this web site has been restudied to propose a view of the best places of these areas.

Itineraries, place of interests, views and walks, together with picture directly taken by the team (except some of them taken by friends or of free usage) are explained to give the visitors\tourists exact information on where to go and what to see, everything to enhance the nature, the views, the art of these places.

Years of tourism around the Como Lake, the Garda Lake, the Maggiore Lake, the Iseo Lake and the other Italian lakes, thank to the central position of “the Brianza”, has allowed us to visit and love these places; now the time has come to share this knowledge, these experiences with the others. Our purpose is to create in our followers the interest to discover moments and places where we already did.

We are just at the starting point of, we hope, a long process, and we hope it will be so long to put even more documents, pictures and experiences so that it can be considered a place of  “experience sharing”.

This is why we give you the following mail address: social@italianlakestours.com, where you can send your experiences, videos and pictures that will be published referring your data so that you are the “protagonist”, increasing the documentation in the website.

If you want to be protagonist of this space, do not hesitate to write us!!

Enjoy your tours!