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Festival of Fried Fish 2018 in Sarnico

Place: Sarnico

Starting date: June 29

Ending date: July 1

For food lovers on June 29 in Sarnico starts the “Festival of Fried Fish”. Organized by the Associazione Avis Basso Sebino the fair start on June 29 at 6.30 pm in XX Settembre square.

On Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 1st of July it will be possible to start tasting flavors from the Iseo Lake and Basso Sebino already at 11 in the morning.

Often mistreated the lake fish is a real pleasure. This festival is the right occasion to encounter it or taste it in a magical atmosphere.

Fried fish, bread and sausage, fried fries, lake sardine with polenta, polenta with stracchino from the Bronzone Mountain or gorgonzola, Donizetti Cake (a typical cake from the bergamo area)… al this courses wait for you during the fair.

Due to the fact that the organization of the festival is by the AVIS from Basso Sebino, these three days will also be the occasion to increase the number of donors. A free and simple way to make something for others.

For further information you can access the following link:

Chocolate in Franciacorta and Local Products

Place: Monticelli Brusati
Starting date: November 17
Ending date: November 19

Few kms outside Iseo, on Friday 17th of November starts the event “Chocolate in Franciacorta and Local Products”; gluttons and gourmands have to go to this event that allows to taste local products and delicacies.

The first day, at 8.30 pm, at the Community Room will be assigned the student’s awards for the school year 2016/2017. The same night, citizens having shown particular values during the year will also be given of their special awards.

On Saturday 18 of November will be a special day for chocolate lovers. At 3.30 p.m. there is the inauguration and after that everyone will give their gourmet papillae their joy. After 4 p.m. there will be show cooking and tastes of the Diamantino (chocolate) of Monticelli Brusati.

The cake, invented years ago by the confectioner Pietro Rodella; it is a little praline of dark chocolate stuffed with Monticelli blueberry grape, milk chocolate, honey, milk cream. A temptation impossible to resist to.

At night, at 8.30 p.m., the company OLGA will represent the vernacular comedy “El Còr al gà mia età”.

On Sunday November the 19th, from 10 am to 8 pm, at the chocolate and local product stand further shows and tastes. There will also be hobby and creative market and different stands.

At 6 p.m. there is the Saint Mass in Protector’s Honour.

A news of this year: it is possible to visit the local Montina Winery on Saturday the 18th, or on Sunday the Winery Antica Fratta; it is necessary to book the visit and the price is 12 euro including the visit, the taste and the access to the stands of the event.

To be always up to date about the event and know the news and information we suggest to follow the facebook page of the event:

Santa Klaus’ Bergamo house

Place: Lovere

  • Starting date: November 18
  • Ending date: December 26

Christmas is even closer, child start dreaming the most magic night of the year, and Santa Klaus’ Bergamo house is ready to open its doors on the Iseo Lake.

The 2017 edition is held at the Tadini Accademy Palace in Lovere, usually from 2pm to 6 pm, and childs will have the chance to meet Santa, the elfs, and play sounds, lights and scenes; being inside the event will be independent of meteo conditions.

At the Bergamo house of Santa, every guy will write his letter with the help of the elfs of the Farm of the ram and, giving it directly in Santa’s hands, will get a nice present. Among the letters, thanks to the “Letter’s contest”, some of them will be drawn and the winners, together with their classmates, will visit free the Ram Farm and the Rice’s Valley mines.

The magic atmosphere in which childs will have fun with their beloved characters will surprise also their parents who will taste a fantastic Vin Brulé. For everyone finally some tea will be available.

Furthermore, childs, will also meet a lot of animals of the farm and realize very nice Christmas jobs with the help of the Elfs. Childs who want to will also be subject to a special Christmas make up and explore Santa’s house and take a picture with him.

To participate it is not necessary to book the entrance, whose cost is 8 € each opening day, except on Saturday 18th of November, Saturday 25th of November, Saturdays of December and the 26th of the December when costs is reduced to 5 €.

For babies with less than 3 years entrance is free.

The house will be open every Saturday and Sundays, Friday the 8th of December and Tuesday the 26th of December.

For further information about the opening dates please check and follow the page: lacasabergamascadibabbonatale

First National Festival of the most beautiful Lake and River’s Villages

Place: Monte Isola & Lovere

  • Starting Date: 8th of September
  • Ending Date: 10th of September

Within the wonderful context of the Iseo Lake and specifically in Lovere and Monte Isola, from the 8th to the 10th of September, the 1st National Festival of the most beautiful Lake and River Villages is held. The event, at its debut, proposes a wide range of events for adults and child.

Clear, fresh and sweet waters” is the event that a 6 pm in Monte Isola opens the event.

Another important event is dedicated to people who still remember the walk on the temporary instalment of the artist Christ who will have a nice surprise because of the exhibition dedicated to that event (The Floating Piers). The experience of walking on the waters from Monte Isola to Sulzano was the main event of last year’s summer and this year it is possible to go back with the memory.

After the opening ceremony of this second event, the festival continues in Lovere, where in Piazza Martiri there is the meeting with Vittorio Sgarbi and the Tuscan artist Giampaolo Talani for the performance “Baroque Suggestion” of the Silence Theater.

The next destination is the “Village of the Light”, a project of architectural illumination that will leave everybody with open mouths. The “Light Suggestions” is an event running since the 22nd of July creating an exciting artistic show.

This project provide for the illumination of more than 10.000 square meters of buildings with some paintings of Maestro Talani, in particular on the wonderful Amphitheatre of Piazza Tredici Martiri, the Tadini Academy, Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Palazzo Marinoni and the Lakeside Lady Montagu.

A show of lights,  colours and emotions that will lead the spectators in a quite fairy-tale ambient.

On Saturday 9, in the historic centre of Lovere there will be the expositive truck of the villages from all over Italy, while on the lake there is the performance of the Silence Theatre with the procession of boats and the show of seaplanes that will colour the sky with the colours of the Italian Flag.

In the Fresco Room of the Tadini Academy the meeting “Sweet waters and economic\touristic development of the villages: the politics choices to defend and support this important benefit”; the group of Archers “Sagittari Treviade” from Travagliato (Bs) will exhibit in a medieval show with 30 members, 16 archers, 1 trebuchet, experts in war encampment and archery. Spectators will attend shows of historical battles and games, see how wood arch are realized and see arts and jobs from the past.

In such an event is it possible not to visit Lovere, one of the most beauty of these lake villages? If you have never visited it before this is the chance to discover beauties and corners, thank to a free guided visit. An opportunity that cannot be lost.

At nights the protagonists will be the “Village of light”, the twirlers from San Gemini (Tr) and the music of the “Trasimeno Clearwater Revival” who will sing in a rock concert. About this group a little curiosity: the percussionist, Fiorello Primi, is the President of the National Club of the Most Beautiful Italian Villages.

At 9 pm the show Violin Performance & Dancing Fountains with Saule Kilaite, Lituan Violinist, Solo Artist of worldwide level who cooperated with a lot of international artists and protagonist of the strip “Saule – the fifth season” signed by Antonio Serra is planned.

The night will end with the fireworks show.

On Sunday the 10th the ending day; as for the previous day, attendants will have the chance to visit the expositive truck in the historical centre, follow the free guided visits of the village, attend the Silence Theatre shows and the medieval reconstructions, etc.

The event is organized in cooperation with the Club “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” that will be in Lovere with the stands coming from all Italy in representation of the 271 associated to the club.

If you need further information you can ask the Tourist Office “Alto Sebino” at the phone number 0039 035962178 or by mail to the following mail address: .

Sarnico, “Pianoforti vista lago”

Place: Sarnico

  • Starting date: July 22nd
  • Ending date: July 22nd

In a few day in Sarnico there will be a wonderful event, original and unique, just to keep tourist over there.

Have you ever dreamt to sound a “piano”? If you have, but you never realized your dream, finally here is the opportunity to try!

On Saturday the 22nd of July in Sarnico, wonderful town lying on the Iseo Lake, everybody will have the chance to try and test himself with a “piano”, showing attendant their own skills or, in alternative, try to plunk some notes.

Along the likesides Garibaldi and “Le Piazze”, since 7 pm to 11 pm, there will be 8 multicolor pianos, whose purpose is to restyle the panorama, but at the same time they will be waiting for whoever that want to try sounding them.

An original proposal to enjoy a Saturday night in a different way, to be protagonist for a while… and obviously … everyone is invited to play!

Iseo Lake, all the beaches are clean

Good news for who desire to swim during the summer season in the waters of the Iseo Lake: the analysis of the water has given positive results and all the beaches are clean.

All the beaches have an excellent quality of the waters, perfect for everyone that want to enjoy the Iseo Lake waters.

Excellent has been the vote given to all the villages, none exluded.

The analysis for the 2017 has been provided by the ASL of the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, together with the “Autorità di Bacino Lacuale” of the Laked of Iseo, Endine and Moro. During the year the quality of the waters is monitored more times to verify existence of bacterium, and the last checks gave 100% positive results.

None of the places have received votes less then Excellent so enjoy your days within beaches and camping. In the past some places had lower votes due to presence of Escherichia Coli or Enterococco, but not this time.

So, enjoy your days on the Iseo Lake by the staff.

Visit Iseo and fall in love for its beauty

Would you like to discover wonderful landscapes, unforgettable panoramas and great beauties?

Follow us in this piece of nature and you will discover the wonderful Iseo, romantic town on the lakeside which every season fascinate the heart of each guest.

Iseo, where it is and what to see

Iseo is a village  in Lombardia, within Brescia’s Province, sitting on the same name lake, also called “Sebino Lake”. On the south east cost of the lake, Iseo is an important touristic centre visited every year by tourists from all over the world getting there to enjoy its lake waters and to get closer to its culture and traditions.

Its geographical position is enviable, along the way to the town it is possible to enjoy the magic nature around; on one side the lakeside, on the other a flat zone ending onto the Natural Park “Torbiere del Sebino” (Sebino Peat Bog), unique swampy area where it is possible to view particular species of flora and fauna further then water tanks.

Furthermore, Iseo is sitting in the area known as Franciacorta, famous for wine lovers where they can taste and buy the tasty Italian Sparkling Wine in one of the numerous wine cellars within the area.


The main attraction anyway is the lake, mainly the nice marina where it is possible to sail off for a panoramic tour of the lake to finally get on Monte Isola, the main Italian lake island that can be seen from the lakeside on the right hand side.

The lakeside “Guglielmo Marconi” is one of the major Iseo attractions; to get on it, it is possible to reach Piazza Gabriele Rosa and follow to the right side through Largo Zanardelli. The view on the Alps is amazing! It is necessary to pay right attention while walking the lakeside, mainly if there are Childs, since sometimes the lakeside is not really safe and can be dangerous for them. It is better to keep their hands if there is a lot of people.

Romanticism and fun at Iseo

Walking through Via Campo is possible to find peculiar alleys, suggestive glimpses often with characteristic pubs or restaurants offering absolutely exclusive locations. Will it be possible to quit an aperitif or a magic dinner at sunshine time on the lake??

It will not be possible to lose a  quiet walking with a postcard picture of the sunshine at the horizon, enjoying  the red colour of the sky and the shadow of the mountain covering the lake. It will be impossible to leave and quit this magic atmosphere. Iseo is for everyone: families, people looking for fun, people looking for a romantic day or a magic night, but also for whom is just looking for a little bit of relax.


People looking for beaches can also realize their dream. Free beaches or payment beaches can be find; comfortable and well managed allow people to swim in the lake or relax under the sun. Unfortunately, during the summer season, a lot of people assault them to get the best places, so it is better to get up early in the morning and be among the first getting a place!

Mainly during Springtime and Summertime Iseo is an oasis of relax; during the winter season, instead, due to the famous Christmas Typical Markets, it becomes a magical place mainly when, with the snow falling on the water, the lake looks like a  Fairy Tale Place.

Madonna della Neve Iseo

Iseo also offers important monuments like the Oldofredi Castle, that became during the years a Monastery of the Cappuccini Monks; furthermore the Sant’Andrea Pieve, with the painting of San Michele Archangel painted by Hayez, and the Church of the “Virgin Mary of the Snow”.