Colico, the kindom of kitesurfing


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Nestled at the foot of Mount Legnone, Colico is an important communication node between Lecco and the Sondrio province but also a resort and a destination of religious, historical and sportive tourism.

Overlooking the Lake it is a place of reception of tourists who wish to spend some relaxing time walking on the lake or in the centre, before stopping in one of the numerous bars with outdoor seating on the square; here you can enjoy a drink, a soft drink, beer or an ice cream and let yourself be tempted by one of many snacks looking at the Lake panorama.

Colico, sport and spirituality

The long walk leads to the Lido where you can bask in the sun, be pampered at a bar or, thanks to the wind affecting the area, go windsurfing or kiteboarding. This is the only area of the lake where you can practice this sport and it is no coincidence that here the Kitesurfing World Championships and FIAT Freestyle Kiteboard World Cup take place.

Colico Kite

Many visitors, not only religious, are attracted by the Abbey of Piona, on the tip of the Olgiasca peninsula, where it is possible to visit the Church, the beautiful gardens with the Grotto dedicated to our Lady of Lourdes and the cloister; in the gardens you can taste some of the products made by the friars but you can also enjoy the enchanting scenery of the Lake. Before leaving the Abbey, you should stop to buy one of the spirits or the famous Imperial drops at the store located at the entrance.

Piona Abbey

The war and the forts

Of historical importance is Forte Montecchio North, the only military fort that has preserved intact its facilities and offers the possibility of “touching” the setting and equipment used during the second world war; this condition is due to the fact that the Fort had actually no role in the war and so did not suffer attacks and its 4 cannons had never been practically used.

Montecchio Nord

Of Fort Fuentes there are only ruins instead; built in early ‘ 600 by Pedro Enriquez de Acevedo, count of Fuentes, was demolished at the behest of Napoleon and today it belongs to the province of Lecco.

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