Festival of Fried Fish 2018 in Sarnico

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Place: Sarnico

Starting date: June 29

Ending date: July 1

For food lovers on June 29 in Sarnico starts the “Festival of Fried Fish”. Organized by the Associazione Avis Basso Sebino the fair start on June 29 at 6.30 pm in XX Settembre square.

On Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 1st of July it will be possible to start tasting flavors from the Iseo Lake and Basso Sebino already at 11 in the morning.

Often mistreated the lake fish is a real pleasure. This festival is the right occasion to encounter it or taste it in a magical atmosphere.

Fried fish, bread and sausage, fried fries, lake sardine with polenta, polenta with stracchino from the Bronzone Mountain or gorgonzola, Donizetti Cake (a typical cake from the bergamo area)… al this courses wait for you during the fair.

Due to the fact that the organization of the festival is by the AVIS from Basso Sebino, these three days will also be the occasion to increase the number of donors. A free and simple way to make something for others.

For further information you can access the following link: http://prolocosarnico.it

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