Iseo Lake, all the beaches are clean


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Good news for who desire to swim during the summer season in the waters of the Iseo Lake: the analysis of the water has given positive results and all the beaches are clean.

All the beaches have an excellent quality of the waters, perfect for everyone that want to enjoy the Iseo Lake waters.

Excellent has been the vote given to all the villages, none exluded.

The analysis for the 2017 has been provided by the ASL of the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, together with the “Autorità di Bacino Lacuale” of the Laked of Iseo, Endine and Moro. During the year the quality of the waters is monitored more times to verify existence of bacterium, and the last checks gave 100% positive results.

None of the places have received votes less then Excellent so enjoy your days within beaches and camping. In the past some places had lower votes due to presence of Escherichia Coli or Enterococco, but not this time.

So, enjoy your days on the Iseo Lake by the staff.


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