Jamaica Beach, a corner of Paradise in Sirmione

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In Sirmione, very closed to the Archeological Area of the “Catullo Caves”, there is Jamaica Beach, one of the most known beaches of the famous and fascinating village; a paradise corner, a dream place with pure water.

To get this place it is necessary to go through the historical centre of Sirmione and from here it is possible to choose between two ways, one more arduous and the other easier. The first one was, till some time ago, the only one available and, after the historical centre, go on to Punta Staffalo paying attention because, depending on the highness of the lake, there is the risk to walk directly in the water high up to knees.

Today instead it is easier to get there: once reached the centre it is enough to walk up to the Catullo Caves where, passing through the gateway near the bar and the ticket office, it is possible to walk the trail down to the beach.

Coming from this side there is a bar at the end of the trail where it is possible to taste an aperitif or eat something whilst looking at the panorama or enjoying the sun. Just a few steps and the beach is there.

Jamaica Beach Sirmione

Here we are at Jamaica Beach

Typical of this place is not just the clean and crystalline water, but the rock plates getting out of the water allowing walking or laying into the water; small pools make younger getting fun without any danger, but it is necessary to wear easy shoes because the rocks are slippery and it is easy to fail.

Who wants to swim at Jamaica Beach will have to walk all the plates or alternatively getting there on boat.

Jamaica Beach Sirmione

Due to the easier access, during the week end and in summer, the beach is particularly crowded; to get a place it is important to get there early in the morning; beds and refuge are provided by the bar. It is not possible to expect the classical beach with beds and beach umbrellas but a small piece of beach with just the classical plates.

Spiaggia del Prete Sirmione

If you want to swim and enjoy the sun and Jamaica Beach is too crowded, do not give up! because this is just one of the beaches around the centre. Near the “Rocca Scaligera” there is the Priest Beach, just across there is the “Lido delle Bionde”. Furthermore “Brema Beach”, “Punta Grò Beach”, “Santa Maria di Lugana Beach” and others.

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