Life Electric, a tribute to Alessandro Volta on the Como Lake

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Walking through the Lakeside of Como it is possible to see, within the first lagoon of the Como Lake, at the end of the breakwater, “Life Electric”, the monument in memory of Alessandro Volta who was born in the city.

The monument was designed by the famous architect Daniel Libeskind who offered it to the municipality, and with his word he explain its meaning “Life Electric is inspired by the electrical tension that occurs between the two poles of a battery, Volta’s great gift to humanity. The very shape of this work has arisen from my in-depth research on the representation of architectural energy. The piece combines the natural elements of light, wind and water. An installation, a physical and ideal gateway open to the twenty-first century

14,25 mts high from the base, it mixes scientific and natural elements, and is inspired to the 2 poles of a battery. It is eco-friendly and, not as a case, the choice for its lighting is led based.

Life Electric, a monument in the centre of the lake

Inaugurated on October 2nd, 2015, can be reached through the walk entering the lake facing what nature offer is in that moment: flashing of the sun on the water, fresh spray of water off the lake, wind, etc.

The entrance is safe and allows the access to a lot of people at the same time; there are railings along the walk where it is possible to stay and see the City of Como, the panorama all around and the boats moving in the lake from a different perspective. Youngest people will be attracted from swans and ducks swimming all around.

LIfe Electric Como

Just below the installation you must enjoy the landscape, take some pictures or relax along the edge; the location suggests to stay enjoying this corner of the city floating on the waters of the lake, an island in the waves, a new and unusual way to experience Como.

In the evening, walking the footbridge is even more fascinating, the show of a lighted Como is romantic and unforgettable; if you go to Como then, visiting Life Electric gives you a new view of this beautiful city.
If you decide to visit it in a windy or cold day, be careful about your wearing because the air here is colder than on the land.


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