Moniga del Garda, “Italy in Pink” 2018

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Place: Moniga del Garda

  • Starting date: June the 1st
  • Ending date: June the 3rd

For all wine rosé lovers, the event “Italy in Pink” is back again. The event, at its 11th edition, is held at the Moniga del Garda Castel since the 1st of June.

During the 3 days, famous wine firms would allow the tasting of more then 150 very good rosé wines from all over the peninsula.

The event start on Friday the 1st of June at 5pm. At 6 pm the award ceremony for the Pompeo Molmenti Trophy followed at 7.30 pm by the tasting of the wines awarded, with the introduction by Mr. Fabio Finazzi, representing the ONAV* of the Brescia area.

The event of the first day end at 11 pm and opens the following day at 5pm. At 6.15 pm there is the tasting of “The rosé wines of Degusto Salento”, this time introduced by Jlenia Gigante. Elisabetta Ceccariglia di RosaeMaris will instead introduce the Rosé form the Maremma at 7.30 pm, and at 8.30 pm there will be the tasting of “Chiaretto, Cerasuolo, Rosato: the local Italian rosé wines” with Angelo Peretti.

Even on Saturday the event stops at 11 pm to reopen on June 3rd at 5 pm. At 6 pm the tasting of the “Rosé from the wineries from the Veneto”, at 6 pm the “Rosati di Degusto Salento”. The closing for the visitors of the event is provided for the 10 pm and at 11 the event will definitively close.

If you would be interested we remind you that reservation is compulsory and the cost is set to 5 euros. To partecipate you can send an email to

*National Organization of Wine Taster.

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