Passo del Ghisallo

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At 754 meters above sea level there’s a top loved by all cyclists who, in order to achieve this, must overcome a long series of switchbacks with continuous sprints uphill and  a path gradient of 9%, with peaks of 14% on the one hand, and 10% from the other side called Passo del Ghisallo.

Once on top you will find a sanctuary, that is the Santuario della Madonna del Ghisallo, a panoramic terrace, the cycling Museum, a restaurant and a convenient pay and display car park.

The two wheel lovers can’t miss the small shrine dedicated to the patron saint of the cyclists; here many professionals and big names in cycling have left small memories, memorabilia, autographed t-shirts and even bicycles that have been exhibited on the walls for years. Among the many there are also those of Bartali and Coppi, in addition to the hour record one of Moser  (1984).


Through the years donations have become so many that at one point it has been necessary to find a different solution to the sanctuary, and so the Cycling Museum was build. It opened in 2006 and it occupies an area on 3 floors and can be visited at an additional charge.

On the terrace you can admire the monument dedicated to Coppi, Bartali and Fiorenzo Magni but not only that; from the balustrade you can enjoy a spectacular scenery: the tops of the mountains in Valtellina, the Grigna and one part of Lake Como.

Passo del Ghisallo dintorni Lago di Como

The bar, located just a few steps away, has got seating inside and a beer garden. There you can stop for a quick refreshment, enjoy an excellent ice cream, a drink, or a beer. If peckish you can taste the dishes of the House or its inviting snacks.

Finally, if you would like to take a walk into the woods you may reach Piano Rancio and get to Monte San Primo where lawns, paths and shelters allow you to relax or do some hiking.

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