The Citrus Fruits of Cannero Riviera


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Location: Cannero Riviera

  • Start: 11th of March
  • End: 19th of March

From Saturday 11th and Sunday 19th of March, in Cannero Riviera, there is the famous celebration “The Citrus Fruits of Cannero Riviera”, coloured and springy event which drives the attention to these exciting citrus growing in these lands.

This is the 10th edition and provides for nice news, entertainments, walks and further attractions that is possible to admire since the 11th of March, when at the Lido there is the opening of the event.

Famous landscape architects have also attended the birthday of this event, in which citrus will be object of cooking courses, workshops, tastes, theme menu, animation and guided tours to the Citrus Tree Park (3 pm to 6 pm). The password will be “Colours”, while one of the main news is the contest that will solicit the creativity of who will be interested in compete with the building up of artistic\decorative creations with subjects lemons, oranges, cedars, and whatever similar.

Attendees will have to decide who to face with: professionals or amateurs.

The program of “The Citrus Fruits of Cannero Riviera”

Around Cannero Riviera it will be possible to visit private gardens and admire the citrus trees whilst, in the “Pietro Carmine” room, Lido Area, there is the garden show and the stands where experts will be available for any question.

Special shows are provided at the Parish House, “Barone S. Agabio” house, and Cannero Hotel while, from 3 pm to 6 pm, at the oratory, there will be the Té House with tastes of the Bercencione (té composed of orange, lemon, cedar and bergamot). At the ethnographic museum, again from 3 to 6 pm, for the younger babies there will be creative workshops.

Furthermore, during the weekends, special events will be organized, like catamaran tours and decoration courses.

In order not to lose anything it is possible to get the maps with the itineraries and the places to visit. To enjoy the atmosphere it is also possible to live a tasty theme lunch. Also restaurants in fact propose citrus based menus.

Since 2016, the citrus heritage of Cannero Riviera is protected by a “product specification” with the purpose to guarantee and keep safe the quality of trees and fruits growing in the territory.

Do not lose this funny celebration of colours, flagrances and taste, a great opportunity to meet the citrus and a fascinating land in a dream context.


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